Delivery Tips

– We suggest leaving out a cooler with an ice pack out on their front porch the days of your deliveries. This is especially recommended for those that do not have shade on their porch or will be gone for several hours past their delivery.
– You’ll receive a text message when the driver is on their way, and another once your order has been delivered.
– Please let us know if there are any special delivery instructions, such as a gate code, or instructions to leave at a leasing office.
– We deliver in an “I am a reusable bag”. Feel free to reuse the bag anyway you can, or leave out on your next delivery with your egg cartons and we will be happy to reuse.
If you have reusable bags please make to have cleaned them prior to returning.
– Not all produce should be stored in the refrigerator. For a complete list of storage tips please click here.