Order Holds

Please use this form if you need to put your produce box delivery on hold. Please note in order to properly have our routes scheduled we must receive this form by 8am the day prior to delivery. Order holds made after billing the day prior to delivery will have a $5 late order hold fee. No order holds can be made on the delivery day. Order holds placed after delivery on route will remain charged and will be donated to the Fort Mill Care Center.

If you wish to cancel or suspend service for a prolonged period please do not use this form. Please use our order Cancellation Form.

Weeks You Do Not Wish To Receive Deliveries

Would you like to donate your box for this hold to the Fort Mill Care Center? (You will still be charged for your box, but instead it will be delivered to the Fort Mill Care center for those in need in the area. For More info please go to: http://www.fortmillcarecenter.org/ )