Never Send List

Although you love fruits & veggies there is always a few that you don’t want to have. Simply indicate them here on your Never Send list and we will make sure we never send those items to you. Please remember although we will sub each item out for an equal value portion, the more items you have on your Never Send list the less of a variety that you will receive in your box each week.

If you want to make a change for just one week please complete our substitution request form on our What’s Fresh page for the week.

***Important*** – Filling out this list again will replace the list we have on file for you. Please make sure to indicate all “No Thanks” items and not just the items you want to add to the list. If you would just like to make adjustments to your current list please email us at

Please make sure to use the name your account is under
Vegetable Never Sends
Spices & Herbs Never Sends
Fruit Never Sends
Micro Green Never Sends (Only for Micro of the Week Subscription)